Year Level Stickers

September 23, 2022

Year Level Stickers

Since introducing our new Personalised Frames we have had enquiries about printing the year levels for each photo space on the matting of our frames.  We are unable to do this, however have designed some small clear stickers that can be added to the matting with this information.

The stickers are small as there is limited space between each photo, plus we didn't want them to become the focal point of the frame.   

We suggest that you use some tweezers when applying the stickers, as it's easier to get them into a more precise position when sticking down.

If you are a past customer and already have your frames, you are welcome to order some Year Level Stickers and we will post them out to you.  Here is the link to order.

You will need 1 sticker sheet per child, 2 x sheets for a double fame, 3 x sheets for a triple frame etc.