A Buyers Guide to School Years Photo Frames

March 08, 2017

A Buyers Guide to School Years Photo Frames

Since the conception of School Years Photo Frames just over 18 months ago our product range has rapidly grown.  We launched with our one and only SMALL SIGNATURE FRAME  (which still feels like our baby) and now offer  16 different frame layouts and designs.  Each of our designs are available in Black, White and Oak, making ours the most comprehensive range of school photo frames in Australia.

Some of our designs have been created  by us, however many have been requested and inspired by our customers – which we love.

We know that sometimes too many choices can make it hard to come to a decision, so we thought we would take the time to share our thoughts about the range, and maybe make it a little bit easier to choose!


Our Signature Small frame is very close to our heart as was our very first design.  This frame has a standback so can be freestanding, but does also come with a hook so it can be wall hung. Very soon after launching these frames our customers told us that they would love an option with an extra space for their kindy / pre-school photo. What I great idea we thought… so we made it our,  SIGNATURE  SMALL WITH PRE-SCHOOL.

Since then we have gone on to introduce several more designs that can display a pre-school / kindy photo, and these are called “WITH PRE-SCHOOL” on our website.


In our previous office jobs, we loved to have a photo of our kids on our desk.  We always found it difficult to find a 3 space frame to fit in the little wallet size photos that come in the school photo packs.   So these frames came very early on, due to necessity!  These are also great for Grandparents or friends who can use this frame to replace the annual school photo each year.


We love the layout of this frame and so do our customers, this is a very popular frame.   This frame uses 12 of the small size pictures that the small frames display, along with one 13x18 photo (as used in the large frames) which is an extremely common size in the school photo packs.  These can be free standing or wall hung with the supplied hook. We do not have a PRE-SCHOOL version of this frame on our website, however this can be made as a custom order but would not be a free standing frame due to its size.


Our Primary Years Photo Frame has 7 spaces, great for those who love the idea of a completed frame for their children upon graduation from Primary School. It makes a lovely graduation gift and is also a good option for those of us that don't want to wait 13 or 14 years to fill their frame.


This was a natural progression for us, to be able to use the next photo size up for the small spaces, along with the 13x18cm portrait photo as the feature photo.  Due to the size these must be wall hung and all large frames come with an easy to install wall hanging kit.  We offer LARGE Frames in both PORTRAIT AND LANDSCAPE orientation so choose depending on the space you have available for your frames.  Both designs are available in 13 Spaces (for school years) or 14 Spaces to include PRE-SCHOOL.


This style frame has certainly come about due to customer demand, so much so, that we decided recently to add them to our website. These frames look great, and are a great space saving option if you want a large frame and have minimal wall space for hanging individual frames.  The only consideration that you may wish to make regarding these frames, is what are you planning to do with your frames in the future!  If, like us, your idea is to create a gorgeous memory of your child’s school years , to eventually pass on to your child – then this may not be best option.  You won’t be able to divide this frame up between your kids!

If you are just looking for a great way to display all those beautiful expensive school photos for your own enjoyment,  or to fit into your current home and wall space available the Double & Triple frames are a great option.


Christmas Frame - is a very versatile frame great for displaying 12 years of Santa Photos, and is available in black, white and red (perfect for Christmas). This frame certainly doesn't have to be limited to Christmas pics, it can be used for anything, kids sports photos, family holidays, dance photos are just some other ideas for this frame.

Portrait Frame - These are available in double and triple options are are designed to display the 18x13cm (7x5") photos that are a very common size in school photo packs. A great gift idea for friends or grandparents, and an excellent way to display these photos - you can change them each year when the new photos come home.

Dance Frame - As mothers of dancing daughters we love this frame to display the gorgeous photos of our children all dressed up for their dance concerts and competitions each year.  Once again, this frame can be up-dated as often as you like with their most recent costumes on display.

In summary, here some questions you could ask yourself when browsing our range:-

  • Where do you plan to display your frame, on a shelf or cabinet or do you want a wall hanging frame
  • Do you want a frame that has an extra space for Pre-School / Kindy – Choose a frame “WITH PRE-SCHOOL”
  • Are you creating a school years’ timeline for your child to keep in their family forever – If so, choose individual frames
  • What size are the majority of your photos. Refer to the SIZE GUIDE information on our website for detailed information about this.

We hope this helps, if you ever have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us, as we are always happy to have a chat.

 Bye for now,

Amanda & Natalie xo

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