New to Afterpay? - here's a quick explanation!

January 25, 2017

New to Afterpay? - here's a quick explanation!

Exciting news from SYPF headquarters this week…. We now offer AFTERPAY as a payment option when you purchase your School Years Photo Frames.    Over the past few months we have had MANY customers inquiring if we offer Afterpay. To tell the truth, we didn’t know an awful lot about this payment scheme, however we could vaguely remember seeing this as an option when online shopping at Toys “R” Us for Christmas last year. 

So we made some calls, and did some homework, and discovered what a fabulous payment option Afterpay is.  So, how does it work exactly - it’s really very easy.  Jump on to our website and shop as usual. When you come to check out, Afterpay will appear as a payment option, and if selected, leads you to their website (your cart remains in place). If you have registered with Afterpay in the past, you simply log in, otherwise you apply.  It’s a quick and easy process, with instant approval – all you need is a Visa or Mastercard, debit or credit card and you must be an Australian resident. 

Your purchase price is divided into FOUR equal installment amounts, the first is paid when order your frames. The remaining three payments are automatically charged to your card every two weeks, over the next 6 weeks.  The best part is there is NO INTEREST charged on your purchases – Yippee!

If you are like us, love to shop and WANT IT NOW, then it is a fantastic way to space out your payments, and the best part is  that we still ship your order immediately – NO WAITING.

So there you have it, our explanation of Afterpay!  If you want to investigate further go to for more information.

Have a great day - Amanda & Natalie